Night Long Exposure of the Stars in the Caribbean

The small boat glided softly across the water to the private island adjacent to Par Impar that I used for my personal retreat. The purr of the engine provided the only man-made sounds on this night, and for that, I was grateful. I’d moved beyond the calypso music and lights of the beach party; I threw one every Friday night. Planning for the big party continued apace, so for tonight, I promised myself I’d have some relaxation.

I approached the dock, pulling alongside and tying the boat in place before shutting off the motor. I stepped onto the wooden boards, the breeze toying with the gauzy ends of my skirt, blowing it against my legs as I strode toward the large white columns that marked the entrance to my sanctuary. Small signs alerted people to the private dock and island. Trespassing was not allowed.

Past the columns, I followed a tended path to a pavilion, flanked on the four corners by Grecian columns, an arch overhead with waterproofed frescoes of Athens’ ancient skyline. In the dark, I saw only bits of white from the buildings, and as I sat down on a cushion, wrapped the night around me like a cloak.

The mortal world, with the ebb and flow of fortunes, called to me. I cast my awareness. Though few prayed to me, occasionally I heard a wish, a call for Lady Luck. Most of those came from casinos, and I dared not play on others’ turf. Somewhere, a young girl wished that she would have enough luck to pass a science test tomorrow, and I smiled, spreading my luck dust in her direction, though I knew she’d studied hard and her labor would pay off handsomely. A young man prayed for luck to propose to his boyfriend, and there, too, I spread some luck dust.

The CEO of Transpheri Technologies worked long into the night on some project. I sent him a little luck, too.

I closed my eyes and savored the smell of salt water in the air. The waves lapping against the shore lulled me into a kind of trance. This place was my refuge. The casino ran all hours of the day and night, the chiming of the slot machines, the dealers passing out cards, and the fans of various sporting events cheering on their teams. The noise morphed into a cacophony of hope and luck, fortune both good and bad. Sometimes it became too much.

I stayed until the sense of calm filled me, then stepped out onto the beach to watch the stars move across the sky. Crabs scuttled over the sand, and I slipped off my shoes to let the soft grains ease through my toes and beneath my feet. Then, almost with some reluctance, I put my shoes back on and returned to the boat. I untied it from the dock, then started the motor.

The closer I came to Par Impar, the louder the noise grew until I docked at my private pier and entered my home. The calypso music rang a joyous tune, and I smiled. Filled with a sense of peace, it was time to walk among the mortals again, and I slipped into the party, just one more reveler among many. I ordered rum and mango juice from the bar, then wove my way into the dancers. A drink in one hand and a smile on my face, I reveled among them, spreading luck as I went.

Tomorrow, we’d finalize plans for the party and send out invitations. I couldn’t wait to share my slice of the world with the other gods.

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