About Us

About Par Impar

Par Impar is a casino resort owned by Tyche, the Goddess of Luck. The majority of the writing is done here by author Kit Muse. However, as the Goddess of Luck, Tyche wishes to do something good for people and will be using this place as a setting for a shared world which hopefully in the future, will provide a playground for authors to play while doing good at the same time. It’s safe ground for all and open to all, including supernatural and mythological characters. Deities, however, are barred from entering Par Impar without the express, written permission of Tyche.

Par Impar and Rota are trademarks of author Kit Muse and Fortuna dea Conatibus. Should you find pages other than this one, Radio Arcanum(tm) or Kit’s author site using Par Impar/Rota please use the contact us form and let us know as it is an express violation of our trademark.

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Just as Tyche uses her role as the Goddess of Luck to help others and atone for past wrongs, the goal of Fortuna dea Conatibus will be to provide a safe playground for authors to explore a shared world and do good.

What good are we doing?

In the future we will be publishing anthologies and some will be charity anthologies (those that are not will be royalty-split/money making anthologies). That means that all proceeds will be sent to organizations helping others. Whether it’s issues surrounding hunger or healthcare, or the protection of wildlife and conservation, we understand that our words have power. We want to use that power for good. Hopefully we’ll also tell damn good stories.

Kit Muse
Founder & Publisher
Kit (they/them) brings over 20 years as a published author, a decade of running a publishing company, and more than that in the world of writing, paranormal, and playing in shared worlds to their job as the founder and publisher. They’ve written in numerous genres and under several pen names. Currently, they’re focusing on fantasy in the Par Impar and Musimagium/Radio Arcanum worlds and queer equestrian literature.