Racing Luck

Dec 9, 2020
Book Cover: Racing Luck
Part of the Lady Luck Stables series:
  • Racing Luck

When Tyche sends exercise rider Brie, and her mare, Lady, to Lady Luck Stables, Ettie's pleased to have the talented young rider within her ranks. Something isn't right and even her consort, the goddess Fortuna, knows something, or someone, is stealing luck from racehorses. This is more than the usual meddling of lower level supernatural creatures. It's something more, and maybe that's way her consort has been called to the mysterious island of Rota to resume her seat on the Council of Good Fortune.

But the Celtic Goddess of Horses, Epona--Ettie to her friends--isn't without her own resources. When a member of the Seelie Court whose horses she trains alerts her to something more sinister, she believes it's connected to the theft of luck. What she uncovers is something far darker, far sinister than she ever imagined, and everything--including Lady Luck Stables--is on the line.

Publisher: Fortuna dea Conatibus
Cover Artists:

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