Anthology Guidelines

The main goal of Par Impar is to produce anthologies where the proceeds go to charity. Before you submit for the anthologies, please complete an author application. Once you are “approved”, you’re granted access to the author only area of the site, which include information about the resort itself and characters, as well as a reminder of shared world rules.

General Anthology Rules

  1. Stories must take place at or adjacent to Par Impar. Even if your characters take you far away from the resort, it still must play a role in your story. One quick scene at Par Impar before they leave is not enough. (Likewise, a quick “return” to Par Impar is not enough.)
  2. Stories must contain your own original paranormal characters. Draw upon all the world’s mythologies, but remember deities are barred from visiting Par Impar and any historical/well-known mythological characters are off limits.
  3. That being said if you have a paranormal world that you’d like to reference in the story or a character from one of your books that you’d like to visit — WELCOME! You own your characters, and of course you own the rights to your own worlds/creations.
  4. Stories must be between 3000 and 10,000 words.
  5. No excessive gore or sex. Let’s keep these PG-13 please. Par Impar is not a dating club and too much gore scares the guests. If the main purpose of your character is to get laid, then they’re not a good fit for Par Impar.
  6. Stories will be edited and authors are expected to participate in the editing process.

Anthology Themes & Deadlines

Par Impar: Quarantine

You know we had to do this one. So due to biology, paranormal creatures cannot spread COVID-19. They come to Par Impar to see how they can help. So let’s get creative. How can your supernatural creature aid in the current pandemic?

Proceeds from this anthology will be aimed toward organizations such as Doctor’s Without Borders doing work in under served areas to help with the pandemic.

DEADLINE: September 15, 2020
Anticipated Publishing Date: December 2020

Par Impar: Hunger

As a follow up to PI: Quarantine, the next anthology will be Par Impar: Hunger. What do supernatural creatures do on an island with large economic disparities? How do they handle their hunger for food, for contact with their own kind, for empathy or for touch? Explore the various things that we hunger for within the terms of supernatural creatures.

Proceeds from this anthology will be aimed at organizations like the World Kitchen that fight hunger in our world.

Deadline: November 30, 2020
Anticipated Publishing Date: February 2021

Par Impar: Symphony

Music is life. Music plays a vital and important role in our life. Whether it’s a concert with friends or our first band instrument, music creates memories and bonds us together. In this anthology, we’ll celebrate the role of music.

Proceeds from this anthology will be aimed at organizations helping with childhood music education.

Deadline: January 31, 2021
Anticipated Publishing Date April 2021

Have questions about these anthologies or our application process? Contact us.