General Information For Authors

Par Impar plans to publishe 2-4 charity anthologies each year. Our anthologies are themed. Themes and deadlines are updated periodically. Check the posts referenced on this page or our blog for the most up to date information. Additionally, you can subscribe to our author only email list and receive information about our upcoming deadlines and themes. We encourage you to do so, though all submissions will need to be accompanied by an author application.

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So what are we looking for?

Par Impar publishes stories set at or adjacent to the Par Impar resort. These stories involve the supernatural creatures which call Par Impar home, no matter whether it’s for a single night, a port of call for a yacht, or a long term residence. Stories must meet the following guidelines:

  • Be between 3000-15000 words
  • Feature Par Impar prominently in the story
  • Be considered paranormal/urban fantasy
  • Be your original work (with the inclusion of the Par Impar elements)
  • Meet the theme/other guidelines established on a project by project basis.
  • May not contain elements covered by intellectual property owned by someone other than Par Impar or the author and may not be connected to other IP not owned by the author. (I.e. you can’t write in multiple shared worlds with the same character.)

How do I write for you?

Please complete our author application. This will give us a feel for you and your writing style and ensure that you’re a good fit for the Par Impar project.

Do you only accept submissions for your themed anthologies?

At this time, yes. This will allow us to work together to see if we’re a good fit. We may open up additional writing opportunities at a later time; however, our main concern is the integrity of Par Impar, as well as the author’s rights. Writing for free on a blog for “exposure” doesn’t sell books or pay bills.

Before you fill out our author application…

We’re looking forward to hearing from you. However, before you hop on over to our author application page and fill it out, we just want to clarify a few things about us.

Our philosophy is telling stories and doing good. We hope that we’ll have fun doing it, too. We are not a role playing venue. Authors can write one story about a character or a bunch. It’s up to them. There will be NO role playing outside of these storeis, nor will there be any Discord server or other venues setup. We are writers. We tell stories with words.

Our characters are original supernatural (or human) creations. We do not write about existing mythology for the most part (i.e. easily recognized gods and goddesses from any pantheon). Par Impar has been warded against visiting deities from all religious beliefs, past, present, and future.

Our goal with any published anthologies is to raise money for charities and do some good with our writing. To that end, any money made by the site after operating costs are covered (and our founder is really good at keeping those super low) will be donated to charity. Some anthologies will have designated charities. Others will be decided upon by community polls. Either way, though we are not incorporated as a not-for-profit, we run like one.

Stories will contain proprietary information about Par Impar and the characters living there. Any stories written for Par Impar may not be reproduced or published elsewhere.

The founder of Par Impar has and will publish books which feature her Par Impar creations. While these are not charity ventures, the money is used to offset the operating costs for this site so that it can publish charity anthologies. At no time will anyone, in any capacity, use any other characters created by someone other than themselves in their writing without express, written permission. We respect intellectual property.

Tell stories. Do good. Have more questions? Check out our FAQs.