In a break between planning for my big September party, where I’d already had an RSVP from Urania and hoped to hear from more deities soon, I sat down at my computer to plan the new business cards for Par Impar. After our big makeover after Hurricane Maria, I hadn’t really updated the business cards. With stock running low, now was the perfect time.

Some deities might not bother with the mundane things, but I love to spread my good fortune across all aspects of Par Impar. From the seahorse mosaics running the length of the central aisle down the main casino floor to the gold and blue draperies and valances between the high, marble Grecian columns, I wanted the resort to be a delightful mix of old and new.

The old logo reminded me of the soldiers who used to play the original game Par Impar. A warrior’s head atop a column with the words underneath. Okay, I suppose, but not a logo for the modern age and one that completely lacked any connection to my Bahamian home.

I glanced at the samples my lovely designer had provided. That one had been touched by the muses, I’m sure. The head and columns were gone. Instead, the image which caught my eye had a stylized bar centered with what could be a sun or maybe some waves above twin seahorses. Obviously, the walk that I’d made through the resort with him had paid dividends.

I chose the card, sending the image for him to put the final touches on it, suggesting a font from the selection provided.

There, job done. Tucking a few luck tokens in my pocket, I slipped into a pair of soft gold slippers with my long, royal blue dress, and took the private elevator down to the first floor. I bypassed the central aisle and the lights and noise of the machines and gaming floor. Instead, I took a side hallway to go down to the grotto.

A large aquarium sat in the back of the grotto, dramatically lit to showcase the moray eels inside. Alcoves often housed lovers, though not tonight. Instead, a young man, opening and closing a small, velvet box in his hands, sat in one, head hung low. She hadn’t said yes. I knew this without talking to him, so as I glided by, I sent one of my luck tokens into the space next to the simple, yet beautiful diamond ring.

The box flipped open again. He gasped. His gaze flicked to mine and I smiled and nodded, giving no sign that I had placed the token there. Then, I took the turn out of the grotto and up to the large display column housing seahorses. I pressed my hand against the column, noting a few of the males held pouches full of young. Nice.

I listed for a moment and sighed. Minerva had appeared in my office above. I strode across the floor in the direction of my private elevator. I had more work to do, and something told me that more of these luck tokens would find their homes soon. In a charitable mood, I waved my hand in the direction of the gaming floor. Good luck would find several someones today.

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