Called To Rota (A Tyche Duology)

Called To Rota (A Tyche Duology)


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Called to Rota contains two novellas set before the Rota Rising series. In Choosing Sean, Tyche and the other Council of Good Fortune members decide who will be their first champion. Asclepius, the God of Healing, has a hand in the choice, and Tyche is one of Sean’s few champions. She sees the young med student has promise, even if his life is destined to be cut short. Can they change his fortunes for the better?

In Calling Tyche, Tyche hears the call to Rota. She knows what will happen, what is foretold to come. If the island calls the Council of Good Fortune home, then the forces of chaos have arisen once more. She can’t ignore the call. And yet, she fears it. Will she accept knowing it means she’ll have to turn away from everything, including her consort and her beloved Par Impar?


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